Look Ma, No Inflation

Since 1995, Sweden’s “inflation” rate has averaged under 2% as seen in the chart below.  Please ignore the first chart since we all know housing is not a big part of anyone’s […]

TSP Charts: Quicklook

TSP Charts

The Total US Stock Market has rallied to the top of its price channel and into overbought conditions.  During this rally, the market has worked off previous overbought readings through mild corrections […]

Doug Noland: Arms Race in Bubbles

Bubbles are always about a redistribution and destruction of wealth. Its unparalleled global scope makes the current Bubble is so concerning… I believe the global government finance Bubble – history’s greatest financial […]

Doug Noland: Arms Race

Bloomberg: “Treasuries Surge as December Hike Odds Drop After CPI Miss.” Year-over-year CPI was up 2.2% in September, with consumer inflation above 2% y-o-y for six of the past 10 months. The […]