TSP Charts: 2 May 2018

SP500 index chart

The SP500 index (TSP C fund) contains 80% of the market value of the total public US stock market.  Examining market internals and price action is one of many tools in gauging […]

The Best TSP Allocation in 2018

I am not impressed with the advice I have found on the internet for investing in TSP funds.  I really don’t think it is that difficult to do the basic analysis, but I just do not see it anywhere.  Sure, I see the market technicians and I often see options for long term investors like the aggressive allocation, the moderate allocation and the safe allocation. If you see this, run don’t walk.  

Doug Noland: Market Realities

Markets have grown well-versed at disregarding structural issues. I’m still amazed at what the marketplace was willing to ignore throughout the mortgage finance Bubble period: A doubling of mortgage Credit in just […]