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Battling Algorithms

While not a fan of Facebook in general, I have used their service to “boost” my posts to gain awareness of my writing and service.  In other words, I use FB to […]

TSP Charts: 2014 Redux?

TSP C fund

The TSP S fund has less direct exposure to international revenue and has benefited in 2018. The TSP I fund has been hit by two forces – the slowing rest of the world economy and currency risk as the dollar rallies. 


The Dow Jones Industrial Averages is the oldest market index and widely followed. It only holds 30 companies that represent a cross section of the US economy. The DOW has removed the […]

So you want to invest in the TSP I fund

The TSP I fund following the Bellwether timing from July 4th 1998 to June 2018 (21 years) had an annualized return of 10.15% if it switched to the TSP G fund for the unfavorable season. Compare this to the TSP I fund Buy and Hold return over the same time period of only 4.77% annualized.

Doug Noland: Performance Chase

A Bubble collapse presented Dr. Bernanke the opportunity to test his academic theories, unleashing unprecedented monetary inflation specifically targeting securities markets. His policies spurred similar monetary inflation around the world that has […]