Don’t Get Amazoned

Amazon goes parabolic

I do not write about individual companies unless they can teach us something about the broader market like in GE: A Prelude .  So what can Amazon, the second most expensive company in the […]

Doug Noland: Latent Fragilities

I have a rather simple Bubble definition: “A self-reinforcing but inevitably unsustainable inflation.” Most Bubble discussions center on the deflating rather than the inflating phase. A focus of my analysis is the […]

Doug Noland: Intimidate Nobody

The evolution of New Age Finance took a giant leap with chairman Bernanke’s implementation of zero rates and QE. The Fed’s move to reflate the system through inflated market prices essentially ended […]

Battling Algorithms

While not a fan of Facebook in general, I have used their service to “boost” my posts to gain awareness of my writing and service.  In other words, I use FB to […]